Don't Be Dull.

"Dull people are boring, don't be dull"


Not since World War Two have so many of the world’s population experienced such a similar event in roughly the same way and time frame. C-19 has meant isolation, fear, lockdown, common enemy, economic uncertainty, and a rapid spread of disease.


Having never been a fitness fanatic, the need to run when not being chased is not a priority in my daily step count. My wife however loves the endorphin rush of a sweat session. In lockdown, she has found a community, of on-line, exercise enthusiasts who meet daily for a lonely lycra session. Connected by technology they share stretching, lunging, pressing, and perspiring. In these strange times, when the world is experiencing this pandemic in unison, there is a lesson in common interest. Shared experiences create an opportunity to connect and share. Geography, demographics, language, and social standing are irrelevant. My wife’s tribe unite digitally daily and the only dumbbell seems to be me!


Books, movies, games, magazines and podcasts use common interest themes to create relevance and build tribes. In storytelling, emotive themes such as love, melancholy and fear are universally recognised and make telling stories using these underlying themes more relatable. Therefore movie categories are labelled horror, romance, thriller, comedy and X-Rated, they are easy to find and create an expectation upfront.


Broadcasters need to understand and connect with audiences using common interest and common sense. Ask yourself, does this story have a universal truth, characters and symbols that evoke an emotion from the audience in a specified time frame? Think about how often we are drawn to the person who is relating stories from a recent trip, even more so if we have also visited the same places. To connect with as many people as possible requires a broadcaster to have a plethora of personal experiences to draw from. Further to this they need the ability to turn those experiences into stories that connect. It is impossible to become an expert in all fields, but it is possible to have enough knowledge of various topics to facilitate interesting conversations with people who are, and in the process entertain and inform an audience.


Dull people are boring. They don’t get asked for return coffee dates because their company is uninteresting. Broadcasting is not about the studio, the microphones, mixing desk and computers, these are merely tools. Broadcasting is about being interesting and interested. The audience are unaware of the tools, they experience an emotion induced by connection. You need to lead an interesting life to be a successful broadcaster. An inquisitive nature and constant eye for a story are essential assets in acquiring experiences. Experiences will allow you to connect through commonality.


And they all exercised happily on-line and ever after.




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