God Didn't Present the World,He Created It.

March 15, 2020

"Maybe we should take a leaf from scripture."


Those who know me may laugh when I tell you I am descendant from a family of missionaries. In fact the picture to the right was taken at the church built by the family ancestors, who are now buried in the Zunckel graveyard on the same property.


In reading about the SABC over the last five years I'm sure some of you have had a quiet conversation with God when hearing the stories of mismanagement, power mongering and ineptitude, whilst those employed at the Public Broadcaster may have engaged in some silent prayer at times too! 


With, what seems to be, a constant and steady improvement at the institution, it was with no suprise that I read the

My Broadband report published on 15 March 2020 detailing the down scaling of Sport Presenters across the nineteen SABC radio stations.


The radio WhatsApp groups I'm on started beeping early as news and opinion on the article started to spread. From license conditions, length of bulletins and job loss, it's clear the broadcast community cares about what happens at the SABC. 


One of the issues at the SABC, in my opinion, has always been the size, output and cost of the staff compliment. Like COVID-19 arriving in South Africa, it was not if there would be a down-scaling of staff at the SABC, it was a question of when it would start happening.


A private message relating to the article popped up;


Job losses in any industry are a concern, especially in a down turned economy, so the potential loss of employment for thirty people can't be taken lightly. One does however need to consider if the jobs where ever worth the output and cost of the service.


The report is that thirty Sport Presenters could lose their roles at radio stations. One of the mantras I push as a media trainer is be a creator or producer and not a consumer. We need to be the originators of content, not the talking heads that present it. Those who are journalists, intrinsically linked to sporting codes and have strong networks of contacts, have a bigger opportunity to create and produce unique content and develop angles around the content. Those who read that content will continue to do so, in their own private time.


My reply to the message above: Platforms are looking for content providers, we need to learn to  create and not present. We must be content producers not content consumers.


In Christian teachings the opening chapter of the Bible begins with the words, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." The sentence summarises the drama that was about to unfold. From the text Christians learn that the earth was formless, empty, and dark, and God's Spirit moved over the waters preparing to perform God's creative Word. And then God began to speak into existence his creation. A day by day account then follows in Genesis where God creates for six days and rests for one. 


Maybe we should take a leaf from scripture. Create for six, rest for one, not the other way round.


Could you imagine if Genesis started, "In the beginning, God presented the heavens and the earth."





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