Don't be Kak, be Lekker.

March 12, 2020

"When you’re Lekker, you are reasonable. When you’re Kak, you are unreasonable."


There is a legal principle referred to as ‘the reasonable person” which is referenced when one is trying to determine if the behaviour of an accused individual is in-line with how a hypothetical person would have responded or reacted to the same set of circumstances.


Having spent several years as an article clerk at a law firm, it is one of the legal learnings I often apply, especially in this ego fueled broadcast business. I have sometimes wonder if there are any reasonable people left in our business as we see people and situations develop and unravel from the sublime to the ridiculous. It just doesn’t seem reasonable.


Fellow radio practitioner and former colleague Grant Nash attended a technical high school in Pretoria. He’ll tell you that social dynamics at technical high schools aren’t based on being reasonable, in fact the opposite often applies. I’m pretty sure it was his, and his brother’s experiences in the technical school system that allowed them to coin the phrase, “Don’t be Kak, be Lekker”.


When you’re Lekker, you are reasonable. When you’re Kak, you are unreasonable.


It is with the “Don’t be Kak, be Lekker” mantra that I’d like you to consider the following scenarios that I’ve seen playout in the radio business.


  • Don’t wait for the client to come to you, go to the client.

  • Don't expect the technology to make something happen, use the tech to make it happen.

  • Don't look for someone to help you, help yourself.

  • Don't pass the blame, take the blame and make it better next time.

  • Don't worry about failure, fail but fail better next time.

  • Don't make it about you, make it about the audience.

  • Don't talk about creating, create.Don't be a manager with an ego, be the manager who manages egos.

  • Don't ignore phone calls and emails, reply and answer, settle the issue.The call it the past because it’s passed. Move on.

  • Don't make promises above your pay grade, always be honest and realistic.

  • Don't flex your opinion because you're in charge, be in charge and influence opinion.

  • Don't get peoples hopes up if you're never going to employ them.

  • Don't walk into the studio 5 minutes before your show starts.

  • Don't arrive unprepared, not for a show, a meeting or a birthday party.

  • Stop with the studio, branded microphone and station branding selfies #deathbyselfie

  • Stop using steel fold-up tables at outside broadcast. Think Vegas, not veggie stand.

  • Invest your own money in your career, stop being entitled.

  • Don't be BOB (bitter old broadcaster), move on and make space, if you're that good you'll find a new gig.

  • Respect your platform, there are others that will never have the privilege.Be honest about your skills, don't be your own hype master when standing on a cloud of hot air.

  • Have your got multiple years of experience, or one years’ experience, multiple times.


We all know someone who is being Kak, try an influence them to be Lekker.


If you'd like to add to the list above, mail your additions. In the interim you know what to do, be lekker!


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