Put Your Finger To The Filming.

February 25, 2020

"Digital isn’t an appointment, it’s always on."


Digital platforms, content, influence, consumption and usage are no longer a question or an inevitable reality, they are our business.


Radio is not a noun; it is not the box that receives an AM or FM signal. Radio is a verb; radio is an act of doing. Radio is the practice of conceptualising, creating and sharing content. It is the practice of building communities, creating social values and commercial opportunities. Radio is an all-encompassing process that connects people and content via a variety of platforms, to create a media offering.


As creators we need to avoid the trap about talking about creating content, we must just go ahead and create it. How often do we share an idea we are conceptualising or in the process of making that never actually sees the light of the content day?


Extended platforms require content, all the time. Digital isn’t an appointment, it’s always on.


Often as creators we get stuck on traditional concepts of quality, branding, platform, delivery and what we think audiences want. To my earlier point, our point of  departure needs to be in simply making something. Once we start creating, placing on platforms and delivering to audiences, we can make decisions on the nuances of the content.


Not every piece of content needs to be scripted, well produced (or over produced) or excessively planned. Traction on digital platforms can come from short, honest and genuine expressions done on a mobile phone with no assistance other than an extended arm and a front facing camera. With every recording, posting and user comment the creator can get a sense of what people are responding to, the level of traction and shareability. With a consistent approach, audience growth and aggregation are more easily achieved.


Having viewed Facebook videos across several South African radio stations, and looking at the view-able stats on their video content, the posting from VUMA FM is a prime example of talent that has made an effort to consistently create, understand and deliver unique content to an audience that have indicated an affinity to the brand.


In viewing other videos, there are stations that have invested in more professional footage pushed to larger audiences with far less traction and views. There is no doubt that there is a place for polished content that looks and feels good and adds depth to on-demand inventory.


Established brands have spent time, money and effort building digital platforms and content. They have measurables and insight and are realising the commercial value in their investment. For the rest of us, let’s encourage talent to conceptualise and create, let’s start to understand what views, likes, shares, follows and comments mean to us.


Let’s also realise that Facebook isn’t the epicenter of video. Instagram, YouTube, Tik-Tok are all platforms that deserve our attention as our audiences are already there. Turn your phone, extend your arm and let your finger do the filming.



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