Don't Dress Your Kids In The Same Outfit.

June 8, 2018

We all know some parents who insist on dressing their kids in the same outfits, they really shouldn't.


I get that cringing feeling when I see parents dress twins or triplets in the same outfit.

You don't need to dress them the same to show that they come from the same family. Each one has their own personality so don't give them the same packaging.

Imagine having 19 kids and dressing them all the same because they eat at the same dinner table.

That's how I feel about the new SABC Radio News jingle. Different kids, different personalities, they speak differently, hang out in different places and have different friends. They even sound different, so why make them wear the same shirt?  


Even worse when you realise your wardrobe mistake, then make them wear the same shirt just with different colour buttons. Why create unique audio brands in the same family when you force them to sound the same?


When a group of radio brands does something together that is obviously related, but it is done in their own way, to support and show solidarity, that’s powerful and resonates. When they play the same news jingles because the news comes from the same place,  that’s matching outfits.


The news pointer or jingle would be far more powerful and credible if it was delivered in the tone and style of each brand. Do I listen to the station for the brand of their news or do I listen to the brand with their offering of news and other elements? The reality here is that the content must deliver and the branding must package the content.


Primedia delivers Eye Witness News across four stations and on-line, I still however listen to EWN on my station, with the stations sound and personality. The content is similar the sound and execution are different.


Don’t be that parent, stop dressing your kids the same!


On a side note : After listening from 4 June across several stations, it’s clear that there was a degree of confusion. Some stations just played the new  jingle. Some stations played their own branding on top of the jingle. This then stopped and there was a jingle with a single voice over for all the stations. This then stopped, and the stations inserted their own voice, over the jingle. One can only hope this all stops, and they go back to their own jingles that will brand credible news content.


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