20 Apr 2020

"Winning is a choice, make the right one."

The celebration of work done in our business must not be underestimated.

We have extraordinarily little, collective opportunity as an ind...

8 Apr 2020

Engagement on all digital platforms is up, people want to connect with us.

In a recent posting, Alfie Jay, Managing Director of Algoa FM, shared some thoughts on why radio is a le...

27 Mar 2020

Radio is real. 

The people on the radio are real.

The conversations are real.

The guests are real.

The listeners are real.

The emotions are real.

The reactions on radio are real.


25 Mar 2020

In the last two weeks I’ve shared some thoughts on developing a media career, approaches to being a media professional and spotting the gaps in a crisis.

The mantra ‘Don’t Be Kak,...

21 Mar 2020

Sometimes the original medium still has the impact and reach required.

As a media trainer I spend a lot of time talking to radio people about expanding their linear platform think...

21 Mar 2020

Check out the following tips so, that like Mr Visage, you don't touch someone's studio!

As a broadcaster, I’m sure you’ve heard that sharing headphones is more of a bacterial brea...

15 Mar 2020

"Maybe we should take a leaf from scripture."

Those who know me may laugh when I tell you I am descendant from a family of missionaries. In fact the picture to the right was taken...

12 Mar 2020

"When you’re Lekker, you are reasonable. When you’re Kak, you are unreasonable."

There is a legal principle referred to as ‘the reasonable person” which is referenced when one is...

9 Mar 2020

"What an amazing opportunity for radio to calm fears, educate and cement their place in listeners minds.” - Paulo Dias

Hands up - who’s secretly stocked up on hand sanitiser, avoi...

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